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A project

Mountain bikes give sports lovers the opportunity to combine the pleasure of discovering new places and being with friends.

Applying the fruit of our experience, our aim is to share our love for the natural heritage of our Region through the discovery or rediscovery of its many scenic facets, seen in a new light, via a permanent, marked mountain bike trail linking north and south.

This permanent route is marked by towns, villages, farm-inns, local curiosities, lakes and panoramic stopping places.

This ride through the Vosges is marked and maintained by clubs affiliated to the 'Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme' (French Cyclotourism Federation).

With different physical and technical difficulties, the route follows roads crossing the flanks of hills and trails through valleys and forests.

Experts, experienced riders, beginner and families will all find that this route offers a wide range of experiences, discoveries or simply pleasure.








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